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Recent creations

Meri Amber website

Meri Amber

PatCat Creative designed and built a new website to match Australian musician Meri Amber‘s geeky style. We’ve got her Twitter account integrated into the homepage, our own custom built SoundCloud player on her music page, an online store for her merchandise and even snuck in a secret playable game of block breaker.

Find Me Anything

Find Me Anything Pebble watchface

What began as a Pebble watchface that combined the Pebble’s location data with Foursquare to direct people to their nearest Starbucks expanded so people can now customise it to direct them to whatever they choose, the nearest Apple Store, Chanel, Pizza Hut, Anytime Fitness… etc. Get it on the Pebble appstore today

Ambient Light

Ambient Light

PatCat Creative developed a sample demo to test the possibilities of adjusting how a site looks depending on the light in the room for a SitePoint demo. Got a dark room? The site dims its colours to purples. Light room? It turns up the contrast, black text on white background.

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