Patrick Catanzariti

Emerging tech enthusiast, VR/AR/web developer, speaker, IoT/AI tinkerer, writer, editor and course author

Dev Diner

I founded Dev Diner, a site focused on helping people keep up with emerging tech with a weekly newsletter, interviews with industry and more!

Space Barista WebVR

Currently building a fun little multiplayer alien barista VR experience for PC-based and mobile VR!

Halyard VR

How do you show the benefits of surgical drapes and gowns in VR? That's the challenge I embarked on as an experimental project for Halyard Health.

360 Building Tour VR

I helped an agency in Belgium develop a 360, multilingual tour of a new bank building!

awe.js browser-based IoT demo

I put together a demo of an interactive WebAR interface to control my LIFX lights!

Filtering Reality

I created a demo of filtering a smartphone camera and displaying the result in WebVR, filtering the world around you! Lots of fun!

Streaming a Raspberry Pi Camera into VR

I also streamed a Raspberry Pi camera feed into VR which was adapted into a bunch of other Pi projects around the world!

Early WebVR on Google Cardboard

Experimenting with early WebVR capabilities, creating a dynamic environment that responded to the weather around the world!

Bringing Web APIs into Unity

I put together a guide on SitePoint for how to bring in Web APIs into Unity scenes and use them to change the scene itself!

SitePoint HTML/CSS Editor

I had a blast as an editor of SitePoint's HTML/CSS Channel — guiding authors and the direction of their HTML/CSS coverage.

Web Directions John Bot

Put together a multi-platform virtual assistant for Web Directions Code and Web Directions AI that worked on Amazon Echo, Google Home and the web!

Logico Homes

I completely redesigned the Logico Homes website to help improve their online web presence.

Thank You Please Call Again

One of the most fascinating projects I've put together a website for, exploring people's reactions to a series of posters that appeared around Australia!

Meri Amber

I'm the web developer, photographer, videographer and assorted tech for the incredible geek musician, Meri Amber! We put Block Breaker in her website header!

My Nikon Life

I was lucky enough to be a part of a large and super talented team at Apparent for the rebuild of the My Nikon Life website. I worked on front end and a bit of back end code, including building the gallery, custom lightbox functionality and sorting out font icons.


While contracting for Apparent, I built a WordPress site (both front end and back end) for them to match their designs.

Toyota Australia

Worked on quite a few Toyota Australia projects throughout my time at HotHouse! My highlight was a revamped interactive pricing calculator (pictured above!).

The Comedy Channel

One of my favourite projects! I was the lead front-end developer on The Comedy Channel’s new website at HotHouse Interactive.

Sydney NodeBots Day

I ran Sydney NodeBots Day in 2015 and 2017, guiding people to put together Arduino-based robots and control them with JavaScript!

Nexgen Codecamp

I helped Nexgen Codecamp run a two day Arduino robot workshop for school students, we finished up with a pretty funny Sumobot competition.

Navitas Ventures VR Workshop

Navitas Ventures were keen to explore how they could use VR for education, I spoke to 70 staff and gave VR demos to show the potential of VR.

Immersive Hack VR Hackathon

I was a mentor for partipants at the first ever Immersive Hack VR Hackathon in Sydney, helping mostly the WebVR teams (who did super well!).

Academy Xi Unity Workshops

I ran two sets of a two night Unity Workshop to help people of all skillsets create their first VR application in Unity!

Introduction to IoT Programming with JavaScript

Helped a whole bunch of people get started building an IoT dashboard with JavaScript in an online course for O'Reilly!